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CIP teaches IP management module at Gothenburg EMBA program.

CIP Director, Bowman Heiden, recently ran a 3-day module on Intellectual Property Management as part of the Gothenburg Executive MBA program at the School of Business,…

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C-IP2 2023 Annual Fall Conference

C-IP2’s 2023 Annual Conference explores IP issues arising from major Supreme Court decisions, new licensing approaches, national security issues, and tech innovation (Metaverse, crypto, NFTs,…

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HTB clinic

The HTB clinic @ CIP FORUM 2023 is now open for enrollment! The current clinic is open for virtual 1-on-1 mentoring sessions from Oct. 9-13…

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CIP FORUM 2023 co-hosted by Ericsson and PRV

We are honored to have Ericsson and PRV as co-hosts of CIP FORUM 2023 in Stockholm on October 2-4. Our chairpersons, Christina Petersson and Peter…

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Increasing Diversity in Innovation 2nd Annual Conference

CIP is proud to collaborate with IDII on this upcoming event - Increasing Diversity in Innovation 2nd Annual Conference. It will take place at the…

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Bowman Heiden’s recent paper was published

We are pleased to announce that Bowman Heiden's recent paper on The Economic Impact of Patent Holdout, that he co-authored with Justus Baron, is now…

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We’re excited to celebrate more than 2000 followers on Linkedin!

Cheers to 2000 followers on Linkedin, and more to come... This is a great milestone for us to celebrate. We all know what a great…

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High-growth technology business (HTB) forums

Upcoming online events. For more information and registration, please go to      

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Online Webinar, Thursday, June 15, 2023

Industry 4.0: Formal and tacit manufacturing knowledge in technology transfer and intellectual property  This panel will explore formal and tacit knowledge in technology transfer, manufacturing,…

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