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High-growth technology business forum – IP strategy and management

After an overwhelming interest in the High-growth technology business (HTB) forums, we want to inform you about a remaining forum in 2023 which will feature…

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On Friday, Nov. 27th, CIP Director, Bowman Heiden, spoke at the LES Young Members Congress (YMC) Pan-European Conference held in Stockholm at Rochier on a…

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LES Young Members Congress

Two generations of ICM alumni, Björn Johansson Heigis and Marta Sadriu, discuss the Data Act and European Data Strategy at the LES Young Members Congress…

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LES Scandinavia Annual Conference

Bowman Heiden , Per Wendin and Sonja London discussing unleashing the value of IP. Bridging the IP strategy gap is possible if companies are using…

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CIP FORUM Overtime

The first episode of CIP FORUM: Overtime will tackle Employee Inventorship and Compensation in the Knowledge Economy, featuring Sanna Wolk, Raymond Millien, Anne-Mari Lummevuo, and…

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Our partners at Konsert – Intellectual Property Challenges in the Sustainability Transition

Watch our partners at Konsert outlining the challenges IP managers face in the sustainability transition. As the societal need for rapid diffusion and scaling of…

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All CIP FORUM sessions now available on our website

CIP is pleased to announce that all the sessions from CIP FORUM 2023 are now available on our website. A big thanks again to Ericsson…

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New article by Bowman Heiden and Matt Rappaport

CIP’s Bowman Heiden and Matt Rappaport have recently published an article on HOW WEAK ARE STRONG PATENTS: PATENT HOLDOUT AND SMALL(ER) TECHNOLOGY FIRMS in the…

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Federal Circuit Bar Association event in Milan

CIP Director, Bowman Heiden, participated in a panel discussion on the recent SEP regulatory proposal in Europe at the Federal Circuit Bar Association event in…

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