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Hannes Forssberg Malm

Summer 2017

Company: ROL Group
Location: California, USA
Time period: 10 weeks during June through August

Explanation of the work:

ROL is a law firm that does IP strategy for Silicon Valley companies. Their main focus is patent strategies for hi-tech companies, especially counter-assertion for defensive purposes.

I’ve worked on projects relating to legal, business and strategy projects. My largest project was to analyze a spin-off of a part of ROL that provides clients with data on the secondary patent market. The project fell under the business creation/business development/financial modeling category, and I was responsible for the projects.

I’ve also written 4 case studies/articles that were published on IP Watchdog, prepared legal strategies for litigation, and made financial models for technology valuation.

How did your education thus far prepare you for the tasks you have done?
Very well. I’ve had great benefit of the financial modeling and the business creation lab. Also, the negotiation segment was useful to understand the counter assertion dynamic.

I was given a lot of room to design my own projects and really own the process. Also, I got to know another ICM student who went to the same area. I learned a lot about workflow from getting the opportunity to work closely with really experienced professionals (both partners are IAM 300’s). I also got to understand how the models and tools I was taught in the program could actually be used in a useful way in practice.

All in all, I don’t think I could have had a better summer anywhere else in the world. Thank you ICM!

Sammie Chimusoro

Summer 2017

Company: Electrolux
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Time period: 2-month internship ending 11 of August 2017.

Explanation of the work:
We were tasked with quantifying their patent portfolio, using cost data to build an Excel tool that allows the patent office to better understand their cost distribution with external agencies (customers and clients). More specifically search matter associated costs, prosecution costs and drafting costs.

The company is world class and I was surprised at how multicultural the head office was. It was also awesome living in Stockholm for 2 months. It truly is a beautiful place from the people to the architecture.

How did your education thus far prepare you for the tasks you have done?
The education helped us have a strong general overview of IP (a good foundation). My biggest takeaway was understanding the strategies that Electrolux uses when filling patents and getting an in depth understanding of the process from conception to its final phase.

Niklas Ohlsson

Summer 2017

Company: SAAB Avionics Systems
Location: Jönköping, Sweden
Time period: June and August 2017

Explanation of the work:
Have worked with a lot of various tasks, all from patent searching to business intelligence. Started the internship by getting to know the products that the company offers. After that we was handed a case to perform patentability analysis of three related innovations from a senior engineer. During the last weeks we together with this focused on two various licensing cases and a valuation of various IP tools.

How did your education thus far prepare you for the tasks you have done?
The education was very relevant in order to perform a good and valuable patentability assessment. Knowing how to use relevant keywords, how the classification system worked. Have been really interesting to work within an organization that is working on their IP-development. We have had the chance to be in the middle of an IP-transformation and how Saab wants to work with IP in the future.


“Our interns Simon and Niklas did a sterling job at Saab, Avionics Systems, in the summer of 2017. Their core assignment was to assess patentability and utilisation strategies for a number of inventions. The main value for our organisation was the fresh new influences from such enthusiastic and knowledgeable students. It indicates a high level quality of their education at CIP”

-Philip Ideström, Commercial Manager at Saab, Avionics Systems

María del Carmen Espejel Carrión

Summer 2017

Company: Research Institutes of Sweden RISE
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Time period: 8 weeks during June, July and August 2016

Explanation of the work:
Working on a Health Impact Bond project together with two business design students. The first weeks, I worked on a short video and my main task was to look into the legal aspects of that short video in relation to IP. Moreover, during the following weeks, I drafted a contract and I looked into GDPR and its implication for the project. Finally, I helped to develop a service offering together with the other interns.

How did your education thus far prepare you for the tasks you have done?
The education brought me the opportunity to work in a team with different backgrounds from ICM and it helped me to be open to other viewpoints and ways to go about creating solutions to problems. In addition, I could have the chance to apply the knowledge gained during the education to real life challenges.

Linus Kingfors

Summer 2017

Company: University of Malta, Knowledge Transfer Office
Location: Msida, Malta
Time period: 10 weeks during June-August 2017

Explanation of the work:
My work mainly consisted of evaluating applications to KTO from academic personnel of the University of Malta in terms of economic feasibility, IP strength and overall impression. I also assisted some of my colleagues with ongoing projects in terms of market analysis, creating draft materials for project pitches, etc.

How did your education thus far prepare you for the tasks you have done?
My background in Mechanical Engineering helped me in understanding the technical aspect of the projects, as well as understanding the value of different technologies. My background at CSE helped me use this understanding to set up plans of actions or give business related advice to my colleagues.

I have improved my understanding of how it is to work with government entities as well as improved my skills in performing market analyses. I have also gained some valuable insight on how it is working abroad. I really appreciate the focus CSE puts on connecting real life cases with the education, it has proven very beneficial as it well prepares you for your working life. I would suggest structuring all courses around cases given by companies, as I believe it reflects the reality a lot better than fictional cases strictly based on academic knowledge.

Linn Bäckegren

Summer 2017

Company: Albumedix
Location: Nottingham,England
Time period: 12 weeks, during June-August 2017

Explanation of the work:
The work was divided into two parts; one part was to learn the software PatSnap itself and the other part was to investigate what kind of analyses and conclusions that could be drawn from a patent landscape or other patent information. This included building search strings, looking for white-spaces in a landscape, identifying and analyzing competitors/possible collaborators/customers, predict movement of the technology area, among other things.

How did your education thus far prepare you for the tasks you have done?
By understanding the different parts of a patent and what is described in which part I could roughly understand what kind of answers I could get from the analyses and also be able to tell what kind of questions would need additional data before they could be answered. How to present your findings and to have the patience to wait for answers on e-mails.

An overall skill that I have acquired would be to question more. Why does this (graph, for example) look the way it looks, how could this analysis be improved etc. But also, to understand what different people in the company want. When a business developer says that he wants to see the “status of IP” regarding a new project it is rarely the same as if a senior researcher asks for relevant IP for the same project, so the important thing is to understand what they REALLY want. They rarely want just a pretty picture over a landscape, they want to know about the active actors in the field, similar technologies, patenting activity etc.