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CIPs Executive Education – The Business of IP

During April and May CIP has welcomed participants for our executive edcucation, The Business of IP or BIP. The BIP education gathers particpants from our partner companies, such Nokia, Volvo, Ericsson, Sandvik, Electrolux, and Equinor, joining us in Gothenburg for two three-day modules on intellectual asset capture, positioning, and commercialization, as well as the intellectual asset manangement approach to innovation. CIPs Co-Directors Ulf Petrusson and Bowman Heiden teaches the program, together with an industry faculty from our network, such as Ruud Peters, fm Philips, Damon Matteo from Fulcrum Strategy, Ray Millien from Volvo Cars and Roberto Castagno from Nokia.

Thank you to the active and engaged participants and the dedicated instructors.

CIP visited by PASSIM research group

Today CIP welcomed professor Eva Hemmungs Wirtén from Linköping University and her research group to present their ERC founded project Patents as Scientific Information 1895-2010 (PASSIM). The groups presented several interesting research projects and CIP looks forward to an increased collaboration, especielly for the coming CIP FORUM 2018.

Professor Hemmungs Wirén is among others the author of the books No Trespassing (2004) and Terms of Use (2008). In her work she discusses intellectual property, cultural heritage and the commons. She has also conducted research on Marie Curie in an effort to combine intellectual property with the study of celebrity culture and the international management of scientific information.


Photo: Anders Norderman