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The Future of Intellectual Property – @IP Awareness Summit 2022

Bowman Heiden will take part as a panelist in the upcoming session on IP & China at the IP Awareness Summit 2022 held at Haas Business School, UC-Berkeley. The session will include James Pooley, David Teece, Mark Cohen, and Jiarui Liu.

IPAS 2022 is a gathering of IP owners, creators, educators, lawyers, organizations and investors, all with a common goal – to explore ways to make the benefits of IP rights, and the issues surrounding them, more apparent to key audiences.

Topics to be addressed this year include:

  • Entrepreneurship and Diversity – Do strong IP rights help or hinder them?

  • The IP Understanding Disconnect – What is it? Why it matters. How to address it.

  • The Impact of  Web3 and ‘Virtual’ Property on IP – AI, blockchain and NFTs

  • China and Global Threats – IP’s role in maintaining an innovation edge

For more info about the IP Awareness Summit 2022, please click here.

Over 50 technology companies now committed to the Diversity Pledge

IAM Magazine presents a new monthly feature in which companies will share stories, learnings, and experiences of their D&I journey related to IP and innovation with the IAM audience. To introduce the series, Suzanne Harrison and Bowman Heiden provide background on the Increasing Diversity in Innovation programme and share some preliminary findings.

Currently, we have over 50 technology companies committed to the Diversity Pledge from both the US and Europe across a variety of different industries as well as over 25 law firms and consulting firms as pledge supporters. The decision to create a pledge at the core of our initiative is quite simple – the achievement of meaningful results requires a commitment to putting in the work (i.e. nothing important is ever easy).

To read the full article, please click here.

IP, Digital Convergence, and Strategic Partnering by J. Bördin, A. Lindh, and M. Tagscherer


Industrials under digital transformation are facing an increased need for partnering, want to be quick at claiming new white space unlocked by digital, are seeing risks of new entrants/new competition, want to make sure they don’t get locked into the wrong relationships/wrong ecosystem rules etc.

Intellectual Property (in its broad sense, including e.g. data etc) is recognized as a key asset in this play, but internal IP organizations/teams are often not set up to meet the needs of the new digital environment.

A realigned IP capability, closely embedded with the digital business, is the answer.


  • Jens Bördin, CEO Konsert Strategy & IP
  • Anders Lindh, General Manager Global Business Area Analytical, Mettler-Toledo
  • Michael Tagscherer, CTO, G+D Giesecke+Devrient

Designing SEP Licensing Negotiation Groups to Reduce Patent Holdout in 5G/IoT Markets

Bowman’s latest publication together with Ruud Peters and Igor Nikolic is now available on SSRN. They discuss how LNGs can be designed to significantly reduce transaction costs and the threat of patent holdout while at the same time curtailing potential antitrust risks, especially regarding SEP implementors in the long tail of new IoT markets.

To read more and to download the paper, please click here.