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Adeline Fredriksson and Sofia Dos Santos Johnson


Company: KTO

Location: Malta

KTO’s mission is to assist the University of Malta with commercial exploitation of research results and ultimately support technologies to reach the market. The activities at KTO include for example assessment of technologies, intellectual property definition and strategies, business development, and support with investment networks.

We have mainly been working with technology transfer in various stages. My primary project has been relatively far along in the commercialization process. My main focus has been to define the value proposition of the technology and create a strategy of how to bring the technology to market. I have also worked with branding of the technology, by creating a graphic profile, a new logo, pitch decks for various target audiences, and a new website. This material will be used to promote the technology to industry and other commercial stakeholders. From a market perspective, the goal has been to find a niche market where the technology is a “must have”-solution rather than a “nice-to-have”-solution and establish how that particular market operates and what strategic conclusions can be drawn from that.

Sofia’s primary project has been in the earlier stages in the commercialization process. Her main tasks have been IP-analysis, market analysis and intellectual asset mapping with the goal to establish a business case for the technology. This has included making strategic considerations regarding what assets to focus on, how to package the assets into a value offering and concluding what application area is most promising. It has required a deep understanding of both internal and external analysis. It’s been very challenging but also developing and fun. It’s been great to see that what we’ve learned the past year actually is valuable and can be applied to real technologies and businesses. The knowledge from the PIE- and KBBDM-courses had been extremely useful. One thing that we discussed is how grateful we are for learning what questions we need to ask to whom in order to get the information we require.

Apart from that, the entire internship experience has exceeded all our expectations. Andras and the team are great people who immediately made us feel comfortable and welcome. We’ve also had quite a lot of free time to explore the island, which has been great. The accommodation is very nice, newly built with a pool and very close to the university. We can highly recommend this internship to anyone who wants to have an interesting and developing summer internship, but also great work life balance and an enjoyable summer by the Mediterranean.

If you have any questions about the internship, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

All the best!

Adeline & Sofia

Thank you for an insightful CIP Roundtable

In September, the CIP Roundtable 2022 took place in Gothenburg.

The CIP Roundtable 2022 is a partner event focused on the key areas of Digitalization, Globalization, and Diversification from an IP-based business development perspective. This includes relevant issues of policy, strategy, and operations, such as the key challenges, best practices, and areas for further investigation and development.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everybody that participated: We truly appreciate all your insights.

Also, it was great meeting in person again! We look forward to meeting you again at CIP FORUM 2023, in Stockholm.


Alexander Danielsson, Anton Stjernholm Börjesson and Andrej Krsteski


Company: Volvo Group

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Hi everyone! We are (from left to right) Alexander Danielsson, Anton Stjernholm Börjesson, and Andrej Krsteski – three students at the Entrepreneurship and Business Design master’s at Chalmers University of Technology. During the summer, we worked at Volvo Group Intellectual Property’s Strategy & Portfolio department, with a project that brought more responsibilities and provided a far larger impact than we had anticipated. We want to share a couple of words about our experience and the learnings we had from it.

Volvo Group is a producer of trucks, marine engines, buses, and construction equipment, employing almost 100,000 people across 190 markets.

Our task was to perform a patent portfolio analysis, by mapping all newly developed technologies which are to enter one of Volvo Truck’s electric trucks. By the end of it, we were expected to provide thorough documentation of our findings, along with multiple presentations held for employees of interest. Although being handed a large task, we were left with large autonomy in our work, and were thus able treating this as our own-lead project! This allowed us to find our own way throughout the weeks, be creative, and put our own touch on the task at hand. Working on projects during the first year of our master’s studies definitely helped us perform our work during the summer, and the time at Volvo Group IP provided further learnings in leading and executing an IP related project within a large corporation.

Reflecting on our contributions, we are very pleased with what we accomplished. Our division was impressed with what we had produced, and the material will be received and evaluated by highly seated executives within the company. We are delighted to have enrolled in Entrepreneurship and Business Design, as it allowed us to acquire fundamental knowledge about IP and entrepreneurship, which proved to be helpful during our internship. Furthermore, being given the opportunity to produce something that is of major importance to Volvo Group as an intern is something we are very thankful to CIP for.


Intellectual Property Specialist @Stanford University

  • 12 September, 2022
  • Jobs

The Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) is looking for an Intellectual Property Specialist to help with managing OTL’s patent portfolio, with limited supervision. This role is expected to collaborate with inventors, companies, patent attorneys, Stanford’s Office of General Counsel (OGC) and Technology Licensing Associates (TLAs) to support the protection and commercialization of Stanford’s intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and all other forms of IP. Specific responsibilities of this position include coordinating IP data and communications between stakeholders to ensure Stanford’s IP interests are maintained.

For more information about this job opening, please click here.

Senior Patent Attorney @Volvo Cars

  • 12 September, 2022
  • Jobs

Volvo Cars is looking to recruit an experienced Senior Patent Attorney to be part of the Global IP team. You will be working closely with their groundbreaking R&D teams to protect their inventions, maximize patent protection and manage risks effectively. You will have the responsibility and strategic oversight for a significant part of the patent portfolio and will be mentoring and providing guidance to junior colleagues.

For more information about this position and to apply, please click here.

The CIP Roundtable 2022 will take place on September 21-22

The CIP Roundtable 2022 is a partner-only event focused on the key areas of Digitalization, Globalization, and Diversification from an IP-based business development perspective. This includes relevant issues of policy, strategy, and operations, such as the key challenges, best practices, and areas for further investigation and development.

The agenda includes sessions on:

  • IP & Digital Transformation (Policy, Strategy, Operations)
  • IP & Valuation/Finance
  • The Digitalization of IP Capabilities
  • IP & Open Innovation
  • Evidence-Based Decision Making
  • Increasing Diversity in Innovation
  • The Future of the ICM Masters Education