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Contribute to the development of the Codes of practice on industry-academia co-creation and citizens’ engagement

The European Commission is inviting stakeholders to provide their input on a draft Code of practice on industry-academia co-creation for knowledge valorisation and a draft Code of practice on citizens’ engagement for knowledge valorisation. All interested stakeholders are invited to voice their opinion and fill in the surveys until 20 October 2023.

The two draft codes of practice follow from the Council Recommendation on the guiding principles for knowledge valorisation to provide more concrete and detailed guidance on industry-academia co-creation and citizen engagement to improve knowledge valorisation. The Commission aims to collect further input to the finalisation of the two codes of practice that shall be instrumental to raise awareness and guide research and innovation actors in implementing good practices for effective knowledge valorisation.

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Felicia Torstensson & Alexander Danielsson



Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Hi all,

During the spring of 2023, we (Felicia & Alexander from the left in the picture) had the opportunity to write our master’s thesis in combination with an internship at ASSA ABLOY. Integral to our internship was the creation of an internal deliverable closely aligned with the theme of our master’s thesis, which also ended with a final presentation for the organization. The internship was also made through ASSA ABLOY’s internship program, where several other students from various fields were taking part as well, which provided the opportunity to get insights into other interesting projects being run around the organization in different fields.

Throughout our internship, we delved into the world of intellectual asset management, specifically exploring how it can impact acquisition outcomes when acquiring intangible-intensive firms. By focusing on technology, knowledge, and relational assets, and the interplay between them, our work aimed to uncover how these assets can be managed in an M&A process through an IAM perspective.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to have worked on such a meaningful project, and for the opportunity to speak to and get insights from so many IP and M&A professionals around the organization which have contributed to a very rewarding learning process.

Conclusively, we would like to express our gratitude to our supervisors at ASSA ABLOY, Katarina Wendin & Marta Sadriu for your support, insightful guidance, and mentorship. And a thank you to Karla and Bo at CIP for helping us with this opportunity.