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Partner event | April 29-30 | CIP Roundtable 2024

In a month’s time, this year’s CIP Roundtable will gather our partners and advisors for a strategic discussion on the two biggest challenges facing business and society – Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence.

Sustainability, particularly in the environmental context, it is one of the top goals of most companies. How does sustainability, which requires a long-term approach, fit within the current system that rewards short-term results? What is the role of IP in incentivizing innovation but also facilitating openness, given the value of knowledge spillovers in addressing climate change globally? What are the best practices for IP management to meaningfully address sustainability, and how should success be measured?

The recent advances in Artificial Intelligence, particularly generative AI, have every sector diligently reviewing all potential opportunities and threats. There is a consensus that GenAI will transform the economy and society – the only questions are when and exactly how. So, how should firms start to navigate the use of AI in their business practices? What are its current capabilities and future trajectory concerning innovation and IP management? How quickly will GenAI significantly impact the highly skilled work of invention and patenting?

Lastly, we will discuss several new programs to develop the dynamic capabilities necessary to embrace these challenges and lead organizational transformation.

Licensing Project Manager @Sisvel

  • 15 March, 2024
  • Jobs

Sisvel is looking for a highly motivated person to join their Licensing team in Spain!

The main scope of this position will be to assist the Licensing Coordinator within the day-to-day operational activities of the Licensing function across the company, and the ideal candidate will have experience in planning, coordination and implementation of projects along an organization or a functional area.

Please click here for application and more information about the job.