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Adeline Fredriksson And Sofia Dos Santos Johnson

Adeline Fredriksson and Sofia Dos Santos Johnson


Company: KTO

Location: Malta

KTO’s mission is to assist the University of Malta with commercial exploitation of research results and ultimately support technologies to reach the market. The activities at KTO include for example assessment of technologies, intellectual property definition and strategies, business development, and support with investment networks.

We have mainly been working with technology transfer in various stages. My primary project has been relatively far along in the commercialization process. My main focus has been to define the value proposition of the technology and create a strategy of how to bring the technology to market. I have also worked with branding of the technology, by creating a graphic profile, a new logo, pitch decks for various target audiences, and a new website. This material will be used to promote the technology to industry and other commercial stakeholders. From a market perspective, the goal has been to find a niche market where the technology is a “must have”-solution rather than a “nice-to-have”-solution and establish how that particular market operates and what strategic conclusions can be drawn from that.

Sofia’s primary project has been in the earlier stages in the commercialization process. Her main tasks have been IP-analysis, market analysis and intellectual asset mapping with the goal to establish a business case for the technology. This has included making strategic considerations regarding what assets to focus on, how to package the assets into a value offering and concluding what application area is most promising. It has required a deep understanding of both internal and external analysis. It’s been very challenging but also developing and fun. It’s been great to see that what we’ve learned the past year actually is valuable and can be applied to real technologies and businesses. The knowledge from the PIE- and KBBDM-courses had been extremely useful. One thing that we discussed is how grateful we are for learning what questions we need to ask to whom in order to get the information we require.

Apart from that, the entire internship experience has exceeded all our expectations. Andras and the team are great people who immediately made us feel comfortable and welcome. We’ve also had quite a lot of free time to explore the island, which has been great. The accommodation is very nice, newly built with a pool and very close to the university. We can highly recommend this internship to anyone who wants to have an interesting and developing summer internship, but also great work life balance and an enjoyable summer by the Mediterranean.

If you have any questions about the internship, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

All the best!

Adeline & Sofia