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Alexander Svensson

Alexander Svensson


Company: Cipher, Aistemos Limited

Location: London, UK (Remotely)

Time period: 10 weeks during June through August

My name is Alexander and I would like to share my experience as a Solutions intern at Cipher during the summer of 2020. By using supervised machine learning, Cipher eliminates the inefficient manual tagging and sorting of patent data. By swiftly delivering trusted and reliable patent intelligence Ciphers allows customers to make better strategic decisions.

As a Solutions Intern, I was working with building and training AI classifiers within different sectors, e.g. automotive, manufacturing, and fintech among others. This was done through a tailoring process depending on the need of each specific client. Besides building classifiers, I also made trend analyses by screening and evaluating the IP landscape surrounding the technologies in question. I created content for the marketing team to use to promote interesting trends in the patent landscape. During the spring I participated in the CIP course Patent & Innovation Engineering which gave me many insights regarding how patents are structured and which factors that are crucial when analyzing the IP landscape.

My overall experience of both Cipher and the industry of IP was really good. Despite working remotely, I got a very positive impression of my colleagues even though we never met in person. Everyone was very friendly and helpful which was especially important for me as a remote-working intern. Cipher gave me the opportunity to put my knowledge into practice and for that, I’m truly grateful.

I would highly recommend Cipher for future interns. Feel free to reach out to me, at any time, with questions or concerns!