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Senior Trademark Paralegal @Spotify

  • 18 August, 2022
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Spotify’s Legal organization is seeking an experienced and motivated Senior Trademark Paralegal to join our Intellectual Property team. As Spotify continues to develop new offerings around the world, its portfolio of trademarks, copyrights, and patents is rapidly growing as well. The IP team faces exciting opportunities and challenges as we develop and execute on world-class protection strategies for our content, product features, and other initiatives. We’re now looking for Senior Trademark Paralegal that wants to help us with that goal!

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IP-Paralegal @MAQS Advokatbyrå

  • 16 August, 2022
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Att vara Paralegal i MAQS IP-grupp är spännande och utvecklande samtidigt som du kommer att vara en viktig del av varumärkesteamet. Du arbetar i nära samarbete med såväl våra jurister som våra kunder och är en del av arbetet och administrationen kring varumärken och immaterialrättsliga ärenden. Som IP-Paralegal ansvarar du för att hantera och bevaka frister, upprätta och ge in varumärkesansökningar, besvara enklare förelägganden, administrera tullärenden, upprätta och justera handlingar, göra informationssökningar i databaser både inom Sverige och internationellt.

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Patent Analytics Manager, P4 @WIPO

  • 16 August, 2022
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The post is located in the IP and Innovation Ecosystem Sector which supports Member States develop their IP and innovation ecosystems to drive economic growth, in the IP for Innovators Department which supports the development of innovation, technology transfer and IP management, and within the Technology and Innovation Support Division which supports the development of Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs) in Member States and is responsible for activities related to patent analytics, including training, preparation and support in drafting patent landscape reports and WIPO Technology Trends (WITT) publications.

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IP Program Manager @Intel

  • 16 August, 2022
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Are you looking to be part of an expanding team with major growth?Do you want to be part of an exciting team solving technical challenges and driving initiatives? Corporate Planning Group’s Foundry Technology Engineering team is looking for bright, motivated individuals. Foundry Technology Engineering (FTE) is part to the Global External Manufacturing and Sourcing group who is responsible for driving external manufacturing technical engagements. As a member of the External Foundry IP Strategy and Planning team, you will have the opportunity to work with external vendors and cross division partners across Intel. The position requires you to use your IP technical background and combine that with Foundry, packaging and IP ecosystem knowledge, business acumen and strategic thinking to drive innovative initiatives.

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IP Strategy and Planning @Intel

  • 16 August, 2022
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Foundry Technology Engineering is part to the Global External Manufacturing and Sourcing group who is responsible for driving external manufacturing technical engagements. As a member of the External Foundry IP Strategy and Planning team, you will have the opportunity to work with external vendors and cross division partners across Intel. The position requires you to use your IP technical background and combine that with Foundry, packaging and IP ecosystem knowledge, business acumen and strategic thinking to drive innovative initiatives. Individuals can enhance their networking capabilities, program management skills and technical expertise. You will have access to technology process, advanced packaging, advanced test and sort and product NPI experts within FTE.

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Jesper Lesseur Björnek & Erik Malmberg


Company: Spotify
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Time period: January – June

Hi all,

Jesper Lesseur Björnek and Erik Malmberg speaking. During the spring of 2022 we had the great pleasure to take part in the CIP Internship Program, which allowed us to combine our master’s thesis work with an internship at Spotify – the world’s largest audio streaming platform. It was a challenging, yet stimulating, time and a fantastic way to crown our journey after two years on the ICM-track.

Over the last decades, the world economy has experienced a shift where intangible assets have increased rapidly at the expense of their tangible equivalents. Brands are proposed as one of the most valuable intangibles a company can have to its disposal, very much noticeable in the tech-sector. Developing a clear understanding and overview of one’s brand assets is thereby a crucial task in order to exploit the full potential of the brand. Hence, our work aimed to sort out how a brand can be understood and claimed as a set of intellectual assets to enable additional value creation – applying the tools and frameworks related to Intellectual Asset Management, present in the ICM-track.

Among numerous examples to choose from, the major highlight of the project was undoubtley the chance to get to know one of the world’s most inspiring companies from the inside and out. While being rather familiar with the product itself, already using it several hours a day, we were stunned when getting a glimpse of the huge machinery operating behind it. The level and diversity of expertise amongst the people we met was just incredible and very inspiring to experience for two graduates ready to start their own carreers.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude towards our amazing supervisors Ellenor Hayes and Per Wendin for their support and guidance throughout this stimulating, and sometimes bumpy, journey. If you ever hesitate whether to apply for a CIP internship or not, just do it – you will not be disappointed.

Kind regards,

Jesper and Erik


Olivia Westberg and Jacob Nissén Karlsson


Company: Simsen Diagnostics

Location: Sahlgrenska Science Park, Gothenburg

Time Period:  8 weeks from June to August

Hi Folks! We are Olivia Westberg and Jacob Nissén Karlsson. We want to share some insights with you from our summer at Simsen Diagnostics. Simsen Dia.. is an early Medtech start-up that offers analysis of complex DNA sources, which enables cancer detection from a simple blood sample. The company will help to improve the healthcare system, and the diagnostics of cancer treatment for patients. For both of us, it meant a lot having the opportunity to work with a technology that is helping people.

The business idea is based on a comprehensive research that the board has conducted and developed. The company was founded in 2020. Since the company is in its early stage, we got to dig into a lot of responsibility and exciting work tasks. None of us had a background within the biotechnology field, which made this a rewarding challenge. However, working with both advanced and, for us, unknown industry gave us an even more thrilling learning experience.

Our main task this summer was to create an investment memorandum for the company’s first investment round. The task included redefining and developing the company’s value proposition, as well as strategic plans to utilize the intellectual assets to their full potential. In addition, we conducted a market analysis and made changes to the brand’s management by designing a new webpage.

Having reflected on our contributions at Simsen Diagnostics, we are delighted that we are enrolled in the School of Entrepreneurship and Business Design, which has taught us fundamental knowledge about entrepreneurship that gave great leverage the past summer. We also want to highlight how the experiences and insights from the CIP courses have been critical for understanding Simsen Diagnostics’ intellectual assets, and furthermore to utilise and protect them in the best way.

To summarize our summer internship at Simsen Diagnostics, we are very happy to be a part of a company that has a real impact on the health care sector. The internship allowed us to apply our skills in a hands-on case that challenged us in several different ways.

If you want to get more insights and advice from us in the future, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Olivia Westberg and Jacob Nissén Karlsson


Isak Lind and Rasmus Kockgård


Company: Ericsson AB

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Time period: 20 weeks, from January through June.

Hello! We (Isak Lind and Rasmus Kockgård) would like to share our experience of combining our master´s thesis work at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship with an internship at Ericsson AB, through CIP. Our thesis work aimed to investigate how green tech, and green IoT manufacturing technology, in particular, could be utilized to a broader extent through mechanisms of sharing intellectual property. The internship at Ericsson gave us the ideal conditions to carry out our thesis work. Ericsson is a well-renowned provider and licensor of connectivity technology that enables environmental savings. Thereby, through their substantial expertise and extensive network with other organizations, we were able to complete our thesis and assist Ericsson in further investigating the possibilities to spread green tech through mechanisms of sharing intellectual property.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the internship was performed remotely. It started off with us having several e-meetings with our supervisors where we discussed expectations, the scope of the internship work, etc. For us to get an understanding of Ericsson´s patent and licensing processes, we got to speak with multiple national and international IP professionals who were happy to explain their respective functions for handling IP. We were both humbled by the time and patience all the employees showed us. During our internship, we analyzed and categorized past green tech sharing initiatives such as GreenXchange, ECO Patent Commons, and WIPO Green. Courses in IP-Strategy and Patent & Innovation Engineering, provided by CIP, gave us the proper knowledge to make in-depth analyzes. Additionally, we held a workshop with participants from several different departments connected to Ericsson´s IP and licensing. The workshop aimed to vertically ventilate opinions and thoughts through the organization on how to spread green tech and generate value. Here, our learnings from the CIP-course Knowledge-based Business Development and Management gave us the proper tools to mediate between different interests. It became clear to us that even though IP strategies are complex to understand and formulate, we were well equipped with knowledge and frameworks from the CIP courses to build our reasoning. Together with the guidance from our supervisors at Ericsson, we were, in the end, able to deliver a much-appreciated recommendation for how to further spread green tech and generate value through mechanisms of sharing intellectual property.

To conclude, we would like to send our deepest gratitude towards our supervisors at Ericsson, Mathias Hellman, and Sanna Lundin. Furthermore, we highly recommend applying for the internships CIP is providing, particularly at Ericsson! The internship gave us invaluable practical knowledge and even though the requirements can seem frightening, you are well prepared through the CIP courses.


Michelle Fransson and Marta Sadriu


Company: ASSA ABLOY & Spotify

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Time period: 20 weeks January through June


During spring 2021, we (Michelle Fransson and Marta Sadriu) took part in the CIP Internship Program which allowed us to combine our master’s thesis work with a dual internship opportunity at Spotify and ASSA ABLOY. You might be wondering what Spotify, a global audio streaming service, and ASSA ABLOY, a global leader in access solutions, could possibly have in common. Well, the answer is data.

As more products and services are becoming digital and connected, more data can be collected and stored. This enables companies to access and leverage value embedded in data, which in turn leads to data becoming a new type of property – an invaluable asset that can be produced, processed, transferred and stolen. Therefore, our project goal was to investigate “Data as an Intellectual Asset”. This meant defining how data drives value for Spotify and ASSA ABLOY, and how companies can work to manage, protect and control their data in an efficient way. By using the tools and frameworks related to Intellectual Asset Management, taught in the ICM track, we were able to investigate and capture data assets at the two companies by combining a legal, business and technology perspective. An important part of the result was the identified difficulties in communicating about data across organizations.  Therefore, the project resulted in a “Data Asset Framework” that can help organizations understand their data as intellectual assets, and create guidelines for how data can be utilized, protected and controlled.

One of the major highlights of this project has been the opportunity to deep dive into two of the most interesting Swedish companies that operate and compete on the global market – a truly unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! We were given free reins to investigate the companies in order to understand how they operate and create value. This mainly meant conducting a wide number of interviews with employees across both companies. The research was complemented by an investigation of relevant literature in order to strengthen the quality of the results and provide a strong anchoring to existing knowledge about data.

Conclusively, we would like to express our gratitude towards our amazing supervisors at ASSA ABLOY, Katarina Wendin, and at Spotify, Ellenor Hayes & Per Wendin, who have supported us in the best ways possible through this crazy and incredible journey. We highly recommend applying to the CIP Internship Program, and especially to a dual internship opportunity, as this has been an invaluable experience for us!


Zaid Saeed


Company: Rouse

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Time period: 9 weeks during June through August

My name is Zaid Saeed and I am eager to give you a brief insight into my latest summer internship in Stockholm at Rouse. I am currently studying my second year of master’s studies at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, and I was looking to sharpen my skills within Intellectual Capital Management and Business Development, here is how the story goes:

I was both excited and relieved when I first saw that I had received a job offer from Rouse. Of all the interesting companies that were part of this internship programme, Rouse resonated a bit more with my interests and skills. Rouse is an IP consultancy business focused on emerging markets and provide a full range of intellectual property services. They have a long- standing experience and relationships in Asia, Africa and the Middle East and their services range from patent and trademark protection and management to commercialization, global enforcement, and anti-counterfeiting. Their consultancy specializes in providing strategic and multidisciplinary consulting services to technology companies and brand owners globally. What I was particularly fond of is their vision of putting intellectual property in the core of business to become one of the main value drivers. Almost all businesses rely on intellectual property to maintain competitiveness, may it be as trade secrets or patents and copyrights. To make a successful expansion, one need to consider the many cross-bordered regulations and agreements. The process is usually quite regulated and require expert advice, which is partly where Rouse operates.

Having worked in China and studied in Singapore, I have developed a certain interest in the Asian market which made Rouse the perfect candidate. Additionally, my newfound interest for intellectual capital management as well as my curiosity in being a management consultant further reassured me that Rouse was the place to be during my summer of 2021. I can without a doubt say that Rouse lived up to every bit of my expectations and even exceeded them. Not only did my supervisors Holly White and Nigel Wong tailor the internship based on my areas of competence and interests, but they also made certain that I was constantly experiencing personal development by presenting me with new challenges. The company culture was very welcoming and familiar. My mentor Holly gave me a proper introduction to many relevant actors in the business, in spite the fact that it is quite a large organization. I got to work in multi-disciplinary teams, both ethnically and skills wise, on global projects for leading actors in a variety of industries.

Throughout the internship I was constantly reminded of the value in our CIP-programme. The level of respect and gratitude that were shown to the models and methods used in our learning was very gratifying. The intellectual asset mapping framework, deguncification- based way of