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Brian Hinman


Brian Hinman has over 26 years of experience in the field of Intellectual Property, having held senior executive positions at some of the leading worldwide corporations.

Currently, Brian is Chief Intellectual Property Officer of Philips, where he leads a worldwide team of over 400 professionals in conducting all aspects of Intellectual Property management, strategy, litigation, standards activities, patent portfolio development and management and IP monetization.

Prior to this position, Brian co-founded Unified Patents Inc., a patent defensive entity and also served as Vice President of IP and Licensing at InterDigital Communications. Brian has also served as Vice President of IP and Licensing at Verizon Communications, where he formed Verizon Patent Licensing Inc. (VPLI), a wholly owned business unit of Verizon Communications, Inc. Prior to Verizon, Brian served as the founding CEO of Allied Security Trust (AST), which was tasked with providing a unique and effective mechanism for operating companies to address the threat of non-practicing entities. Prior to AST, Brian was Vice President of Intellectual Property and Licensing at IBM Corporation, responsible for developing and executing IBM’s worldwide IP strategy. Finally, Brian also served as Director of Licensing at Westinghouse. Brian holds degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.