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Carl Dernestam Jansson

Carl Dernestam Jansson

Summer 2016

Company: Electrolux, Intellectual Property Group
Location: Stockholm, Nuremberg and Rothenburg in Germany and Porcia in Italy
Time period: 8 weeks during June, July and August 2016

Explanation of the work:
We were hired to map parts of their patent portfolio, to connect the patents with financial data and make suggestions on how this mapping could be updated and integrated in their daily processes in the future. This was done in order to create a better understanding of the patents use and how valuable they are. I think we went through over 1200 patents together with approximately 40 different researchers or engineers. Our task was a bit frustrating at times but I most say Electrolux is a great company to work at and that they took care of us in a very good way.

How did your education thus far prepare you for the tasks you have done?
We came well prepared.  We have good knowledge about the patenting process and accustomed to work in an international setting together with people with expertise within technical fields we had not encountered earlier.