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Christoffer Johnsson & Karl Börjesson

Christoffer Johnsson & Karl Börjesson


Company: Knowledge Transfer Office at University of Malta

Location: Msida, Malta (Digital participation from Sweden)

Time period: 4 Weeks during late June to late July

We would like to share our good experiences of being interns at the Corporate Research and Knowledge Transfer Office at the University of Malta (KTO). First of all, KTO’s mission is to assist the University of Malta with commercial exploitation of research results and ultimately support technologies to reach the market. The activities at KTO include for example assessment of technologies, intellectual property definition and strategies, business development, and support with investment networks.

The internship was performed remotely from Sweden due to the pandemic. Initially, we had to select among several novel and interesting projects in KTO’s portfolio, and due to our backgrounds, we decided to work with complex space technology. After carefully looking over the project’s business plan, we chose to do an extensive IP-analysis for parts of the invention, including analyzing the IP-landscape and assessing the patentability of the invention. This required a deep understanding of the technology, how to break the technology into sub-parts, and to assess the system as a whole. Thanks to our participation in the courses in IP-Strategy and Patent Innovation Engineering, we had the ability to face our tasks in a structured manner in order to set up the IP-analysis framework. We quickly realized that the knowledge from our previous CIP-courses was of great fundamental value in order to deliver highly appreciated work to the KTO at the end of our internship.

Furthermore, we are very satisfied with the friendly staff at KTO and the manager András Havasi which acted as our supervisor. Even though this internship was supposed to take place in Malta, we still had a very valuable experience where we got the opportunity to put our knowledge into practice.

If any future interns want our insights or advice in the future, feel free to reach out, we’d love to pass on our experience!