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CIP FORUM 2020 Keynote by Stephen Haber – Globalization


• Stephen Haber, Professor, Stanford University; Senior Fellow, The Hoover Institution

CIP FORUM 2020 is the 20th anniversary of the founding of CIP, so the theme of “A Brave New World” was chosen to focus on the IP consequences of the technical, economic, and geopolitical developments over the last 20 years and the predictions for the next 20 years (20/20 vision if you will). This 20-year milestone offers a unique opportunity to critically reflect on how far we have come and where we are heading using a broader time horizon. The event will build on the main themes of transformation initiated in 2018 and expanded over five days as follows:

1. Diversification (Societal Transformation) focuses on the state of development towards diversity and equality in the fields of IP, innovation, and entrepreneurship

2. Digitalization (Digital Transformation) A focus on the changing role of market collaboration and competition in an era of digital transformation

3. Globalization (Global Transformation) A focus on the increased geographical collaboration and competition in an era of global transformation

4. Institutionalization (IP System Transformation) A focus on the IP system as a core institution and its impact on innovation in an era of global, digital transformation

5. Professionalization (Professional transformation) A focus on the development of the IP profession in an era of global, digital transformation