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Internship Program

Each year, students from CIP-supported graduate programs participate in over 40 internships during the spring, and summer terms at organizations all over the world, including MNCs, technology start-ups, research institutes, consultancy firms, and NGOs.

The graduate students have backgrounds in engineering, business, and law and participate in master’s programs at Chalmers University of Technology, and University of Gothenburg.


The CIP Internship Program is a collaboration between industry and CIP focused on providing top-level students a practical work environment, thus facilitating the transfer of knowledge between industry and academia to the benefit of both actors.

At CIP, one of the main missions is to educate world-class engineering, law, and business students whose abilities to create value in a knowledge-based business will exceed industry expectations and provide valuable results to all parties involved. Thus, the goal of the program is to expose students from CIP’s interdisciplinary graduate programs to the rigors of the high-tech business world, where they can continue their action-based education, which is promoted in the graduate program through business simulations and practical work assignments.

In addition, the hope is that the leading edge business skills and tools taught in the graduate education will find the useful application and possible adoption within the host firms as well. This policy outlines the principles behind the internship program and the procedure for the distribution of internship opportunities among students.


  • Candidates: Current high achieving CIP graduate students during the last half-year of the master’s program. Done in pairs.
  • Duration: Approximately 4-5 months (Jan-May)
  • Recruitment Period: September to December
  • Engagement: Variable, direct employment is preferred
  • Compensation: Yes. Amount dependent on location and company
  • Visa Requirement: Depending on location and student nationality


  • Candidates: Current high achieving CIP master’s students during the summer after the first year of the master’s program. Done individually.
  • Duration: Approximately 2-3 months (June-August)
  • Recruitment Period: December to May
  • Engagement: Variable, direct employment preferred
  • Compensation: Yes. Dependent on location and company
  • Visa Requirement: Depending on location and student nationality


Participating companies range from big corporations, to SMEs, and even NGOs. There is a wide variety of sectors including but not limited to legal, automotive, biotech, service providers, etc..

Our students are trained to be self-going and can work quite independently. Some guidance at the beginning and checkups along the way is recommended.

The recruitment for the summer program runs from December to May
The recruitment for the spring program runs from September to December

The summer program runs from June to August
The spring program runs from January to May

The program is originally designed to be in person but, depending on the circumstances, it can be remotely or hybrid.

The companies offering internships are located around the world. In the past, we’ve had students travel to the U.S.A., China, Japan, Malta, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, etc…