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Damon Matteo

Fulcrum IP

Damon C. Matteo is CEO of Fulcrum Strategy, which provides expert guidance in strategies and execution for capturing commercial advantage from innovation. With an emphasis on creating significant impact, Mr. Matteo’s career spans over twenty years across all facets of the strategic creation, management and commercialization/monetization of high-value innovations and intellectual property assets – all in an international context, focusing on East-West innovation and monetization synergies. On the innovation side, Mr. Matteo’s efforts focus on developing advantaged technology positions that create advantaged market positions. Operating in this advantaged intersection of market and technology, Mr. Matteo manages innovations as a portfolio of unique corporate assets, optimizing between the investment, risk and returns attendant to their commercial use, alternative monetization and legal options. Mr. Matteo has successfully completed transactions representing organizations in the US, Europe, and Asia, ranging from Fortune 500® companies to start-ups, as well as universities and national laboratories. Aside from their strategic benefits, a number of these transactions were themselves valued at over US$100 million. Mr. Matteo has also lived and worked for several years in both Asia and Europe acquiring “native” international experience.