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CIP’s role and responsibility is to promote development and strengthening of the platform for knowledge-based business and economic development. CIP does this by coordinating and promoting research and education activities in the field of knowledge-based business, both through the research and education programs fostered on the platform, and by supporting other actors in academia wishing to work with the issues of the knowledge economy.



CIP FORUM 2018 will focus on the theme of Transformation, which is a natural progression from the previous theme of Convergence. The event will consist of two main sub-themes as follows:

Digitization (Digital Transformation)

  • Provide an understanding of the industrial and societal impact of several emerging disruptive technologies that are driving digital transformation (Industry 4.0 in particular).
  • Provide knowledge to derive business strategies on how to manage IP and technology positions for competitive. advantage in an era of digital transformation.
  • Discuss the implications of digital transformation on existing institutions and provide insights to guide effective policy- making.

Globalization (Global Transformation)

  • Provide an understanding of the changing global competition for technology/innovation leadership (in particular a comparison of China, India, US, and EU.
  • Provide an understanding of the key comparative dynamics and drivers of technology investment/returns within the IP/innovation eco-systems in China in comparison to the US/EU (e.g. respective advantages, disadvantages, requirements and trade-offs, etc., which might reflect technology, market, legal, legislative or regulatory influences).
  • Provide knowledge to derive strategies for reconciling the disparate IP/innovation environments that best realize their respective corporate objectives – within and between the US/EU and China (e.g. Including guidance on types of IP, business models and commercialization vehicles, etc.).

The event will discuss challenges, trends, and specific management and policy issues that characterize the opportunities and threats of globalization of innovation and digital transformation for industry and policy-makers. These issues will be addressed through plenary, break-out, workshop, and roundtable sessions at different levels of focus, including policy, strategy, and operational levels. Participation is based on invitation, where the specific sessions are designed in collaboration with CIP partner organizations and board members as well as the key interests of the invited participants. The goal of the event is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the key globalization and digitalization issues by leading global policy makers, executives, and experts in an open environment where all participants have an opportunity to partake in the dialogue.

We are ready!


CIP FORUM 2018 is about to begin and CIP will welcome close to 300 participants to the event taking place in Göteborg on 23rd-25th September.

The CIP FORUM is CIP’s flagship event where partners, colleagues, alumni, and invited guests gather in Göteborg to address the key industry, university, and policy challenges of the transformation to a knowledge economy. Now we gather for the eighth time since 2001. The focus of the event is on sharing innovative ideas, research, and practical experiences among global actors.A blend of theory and practice is employed to bridge the gap between strategy and policy and encourage critical reflection in a world where business and public policy are both in transition.

The inclusion of local graduate students from Chalmers and University of Gothenburg in the event allows the next generation to voice their opinions through the unfiltered lens of the beginner’s mind. A key goal of CIP FORUM is to transform the dialogue into action through new initiatives together with industry partners, academia, and policy makers that will be carried out and presented in the next event.

CIPs Executive Education – The Business of IP

During April and May CIP has welcomed participants for our executive edcucation, The Business of IP or BIP. The BIP education gathers particpants from our partner companies, such Nokia, Volvo, Ericsson, Sandvik, Electrolux, and Equinor, joining us in Gothenburg for two three-day modules on intellectual asset capture, positioning, and commercialization, as well as the intellectual asset manangement approach to innovation. CIPs Co-Directors Ulf Petrusson and Bowman Heiden teaches the program, together with an industry faculty from our network, such as Ruud Peters, fm Philips, Damon Matteo from Fulcrum Strategy, Ray Millien from Volvo Cars and Roberto Castagno from Nokia.

Thank you to the active and engaged participants and the dedicated instructors.

CIP’s executive education Business of IP

During Mar 12th-14th CIP welcomes 21 participants in the first module of the executive education Business of IP to Gothenburg. The participants come from a dozen different industry organisations, primarily CIP industry partners Volvo, Sandvik, Electrolux, Nokia and Statoil.

The education is led by CIP co-director Bowman Heiden and CIP Global council member Ruud Peters, former CIPO, Philips.

CIP is delighted to welcome new professionals to our extensive network and look forward to the second module of the program in the end of May.

The Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) visits CIP

The management team of the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) visited CIP today to discuss research, education and collaboration activities in the IP field. CIPs Director Ulf Petrusson is a member of PRV’s advisory board and CIP has for many years had an active dialogue and collaboration with PRV. Focus in this discussion was on topics of niveristy management, innovation informationa and PRV’s increased mission in relation to copyright.

Welcome to all new students

CIP wishes a warm welcome to both new students and to the students coming back for their second year of their master’s. We look forward to an intense year with interesting innovation projects, inspiring courses, exciting internships and steep learning curves.

Master’s student graduation

Master’s students from the educations supported by CIP are graduating and we are proud to see them moving on to new adventures and exciting future careers. We wish them the best of luck and look forward to keeping them close and bringning them back to participate in our activities.








Master’s thesis presentation days

The students in the master’s programmes supported by CIP presented their master’s thesis work during June 8th-9th and we are proud of the exciting work they have performed on interesting and relevant topics relating to IP, technology development, entrepreneurship and business development.

The theses presented were:

  • Trade Secret Management in Growing Small Businesses – Stephanie Regner
  • Industry 4.0 – Nora Frostbrink
  • Intellectual Drivers of Private and Software-Based Open Innovation – Cecilia Johansson
  • Defining Characteristics and Means of Technology Transfer Practices in Four European Union Universities – Roberto Perez
  • The Transfer of Intellectual Assets in an Open Innovation Environment and the Value this Creates for SMEs – Rebecka Johansson & Christoffer Dall
  • Diversity in Boards of Directors as a Source of Intellectual Capital – The Case of Swedish Startups – Karla Soler Riba & Camila Florez
  • Operating Companies Against Startups – a Study of the US Patent Litigation Landscape – Fredrik Johansson & Christian Birch-Jensen
  • Evaluation of a Machine Learning System for Patent Classification – Carl Dernestam Jansson
  • Rebadging as a Strategy to Reach New Customers – Wesley Overklift
  • Strategic Analysis of Value Estimation of an Early Stage Product – Malin Kjällström
  • Utilization of Databases Created in University Research Projects – Christopher Nävås
  • The Effect on Biotech Companies by the Recent Judicial Changes in Patent Law – Isabella Carlsson
  • Open Source Licensing within Life Science – Daniel Fathi Najafi
  • Domain Names – Protection, Effective Eemedies and Business Relevance – Viktor Möller


Award ceremony in the course Knowledge-Based Business Development and Management

Today the annual finale of the course in Knowledge-Based Business Development and Management took place, with a traditional award ceremony. Among many prizes, one student team was awarded the grand cup for “Intellectual Value Creators of the Year”.

The course simulates the first year of an agrosicence startup and the students have faced challenges in managing knowledge-based assets in business creation in an action-based pedagogy setting based on role play.

We are proud of the students’ committment, ambition and competence, and congratulate them on a their accomplishments!