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CIP’s role and responsibility is to promote development and strengthening of the platform for knowledge-based business and economic development. CIP does this by coordinating and promoting research and education activities in the field of knowledge-based business, both through the research and education programs fostered on the platform, and by supporting other actors in academia wishing to work with the issues of the knowledge economy.


Online training organized by EPO

Online seminar: High-growth technology business forum – growth-financing


Most technology start-ups and scale-ups need venture capital to finance their high-growth needs. Founders and investors must focus on creating value in the company, to be realised through an exit, i.e. selling the company or launching an IPO. This forum highlights the key role played by IPR (intellectual property rights) portfolios and strategy in attracting investments and increasing company value. The featured live case study will be discussed from the perspective of both founders and investors.

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