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Emma Walldén And Anton Nygren

Emma Walldén and Anton Nygren


Company: Spotify

Location: Stockholm HQ / Gothenburg / remote

Time period: 13 weeks, June-September

We are Emma Walldén and Anton Nygren. We’ve been working at Spotify during 13 weeks this summer, as Intellectual Property summer interns in the IP team! Anton and I were challenged with the important task of creating a return on investment (ROI) model for Spotify’s patent portfolio, conducting a benchmark of the portfolio, and evaluate parameters for quality assessment of the portfolio. Having completed the project, the IP team will hopefully benefit from enhanced incorporation of business intelligence tools for strategic decision-making in IP. Our internship project resembles well with both of our academic and professional backgrounds, since we both have completed a Bachelor’s in Business Administration/Finance at The school of Business, Economics and Law, and are currently doing our Master’s at Chalmers where we’ve studied courses in intellectual property. We are deeply grateful and humble about the learning outcomes, experiences, network opportunities and challenges this summer at Spotify has brought to us.
We got welcomed with open arms by the IP team and the entire company. During our internship, we experienced Q&A sessions with several top level managers, artists having concerts at the office, and enjoyed the summer festival that Spotify arranged in Stockholm for its employees where artists such as Kid Laroi and Jireel performed. We’ve had an unforgettable experience this summer and absorbed knowledge and learnings from several parts of the business. Our playlists at Spotify are even more enhanced and filled with new tracks after being inspired by our band mates, and having explored all the new cool features. We’re grateful to have been a part of the CIP internship program, and would recommend exploring their unique opportunities for anyone interested!
We’ll see you soon, Spotify!