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Executive Education

In the past, companies mainly managed physical assets. This is no longer the case. Today, competitive advantage arises just as much from a company’s ability to manage its intellectual assets.

For companies competing in an increasingly knowledge-based economy, understanding the strategic and commercial aspects of Intellectual Property (IP) has become a critical factor in creating value and in building market positions.

The Business of Intellectual Propertyis a six-day intensive executive training program that:

  •  focuses on the use of IP to drive new business models and value propositions,
  • provides insights to align IP strategies with overall corporate strategies and potentially drive business decisions,
  • presents a holistic IP management approach to innovation, including open innovation and digitalization,
  • shares best practice models for IP strategy, management, and valuation.

The Business of Intellectual Property has been created for technology managers, R&D managers, andprofessionals, who are tasked with strategic management in technology or industrial-based businesses and who:

  1. seek to advance their capabilities to strengthen IP management as a core business activity,
  2. need to demonstrate within their companies the value-generating potential of IP management, and
  3. wish to put into practice the insights and lessons that they will take away from the program.

The program is backed by the Center for Intellectual Property (CIP), delivered by a solid academic faculty and industry faculty with experience from both SMEs and multinational corporations. We have chosen to concentrate on technology, knowledge, and business management aspects of IP, rather than legal detail.