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February Webinar On “Patent Holdout And Small(er) Technology Firms” By Bowman Heiden And Matt Rappaport

February webinar on “Patent Holdout and Small(er) Technology Firms” by Bowman Heiden and Matt Rappaport

The new working paper on “Patent Holdout and Small(er) Technology Firms” is now available on SSRN. Please join Matt Rappaport and Bowman Heiden when they present their finding next week at the 4iP Council webinar on Feb 16th at 16.00 CET.

This study investigates the symmetrical theory of patent holdout whereby strong patents asserted in a regime of weak injunctive relief can only extract value below their true worth. The focus of the study is on small(er) technology firms (STFs), which are generally understood as critical to economic growth.

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