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Felicia Torstensson

Felicia Torstensson


Company: CIPHER 

Location: Remote & London office

Time period: 8 weeks, from June to August 2022


I have had the opportunity to intern for CIPHER during the summer. CIPHER is a company with a mission to enable patent owners to make rational decisions by providing strategic patent intelligence, powered by machine learning and the overarching vision to unleash the strategic value of patents. In practical terms, Cipher uses available patent data and uses supervised machine learning to provide insights for their clients. This enables the clients to create value from their patent portfolios, reduce litigation, and attain insight into various tech areas and their competitors to mention a few. My internship has entailed deeper knowledge in various technology areas, which I hadn’t been exposed to before due to my law background. Furthermore, I was able to have close contact with clients, both presenting work and iterating after clients’ wishes, as well as using patent data to provide insight in the form of an article.

My main task during the internship was to build so-called classifiers, which meant enabling the algorithm to find patents in the technology area that the client wishes to get insight into. The finished classifiers were then presented to the client for review and iterated according to their wishes.  I was also able to dig into which technology area I wanted and provide new insights through an article. I chose to focus on Automotive mobility and connectivity, zooming in on NPE litigation activity in the Automotive industry. This meant I got a practical example of how patent data can be used to provide insight into the legal arena.

To summarize, I am very grateful to have been part of CIPHER and for contributing to increased attention and importance of patent data as a strategic tool for governing a company,  for allowing me to be hands-on with the clients as well as giving me the opportunity to create insight of my own. I had a brilliant time with CIPHER, and I would recommend everyone to take part in an internship if there is an opportunity!

Felicia Torstensson