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Fredrik Johansson

Fredrik Johansson

Summer 2016

Company: ROL Group
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Time period: 9 weeks during June, July and August 2016

Explanation of the work:
I worked as an IP/business analyst for ROL Group on a number of both client facing projects and firm development projects. The largest project I worked on was to help ROL Group develop a financial model (estimating the ROI) of joining a defensive patent aggregator (LOT Network) and development of reports and supporting documentation around the model. A couple of the firm development projects that I worked on resulted in articles on IP Watchdog (see following links)

I learned a lot, especially regarding US patent law and how IP is treated in US tech-companies. 

How did your education thus far prepare you for the tasks you have done?
My engineering background offered me the engineering-type analytical thinking requested by ROL Group, as well as understanding for technology and IT. The ICM education has given me a profound understanding of the patent system and how patents can be utilized in high-tech industries. It also gave me the general understanding of IP needed to understand terms and concepts vital for me to carry out my tasks.

I felt that the education prepared me in the best possible way for the work I did.