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From research to high-growth technology businesses by T. Bereuter, I. Rudyk, J. Stampfl, J. Ceulemans


Using an illustrative technology transfer success story powered by IP in additive manufacturing, we will explore how intellectual property management can support company creation and add value to your business from a strategic perspective.

The European Patent Office (EPO) has produced a series of studies on technology transfer journeys which were facilitated by the power of patents and other IP rights to achieve market success. The studies also illustrate how young university spin-offs have developed the IP management capabilities they need, and how they are using IP strategically to their competitive advantage.

Lithoz and Cubicure are two businesses analysed in the very popular EPO Innovation case study collection. They showcase the journey from successful research projects to high-growth 3D printing businesses, describing how their IP strategies evolved throughout different phases of their development. As computer-implemented inventions (CII) are at the core of 3D printing technology, the latest insights into the patentability of CII and AI will demonstrate how emerging technologies can be protected to create a sustainable competitive advantage for businesses.


  • Thomas Bereuter, EPO, Programme Area Manager, Innovation Support, European Patent Academy
  • Ilja Rudyk, EPO, Senior Economist
  • Jürgen Stampfl, Cubicure, Managing Director and Chief Science Officer (CSO)
  • Judy Ceulemans, EPO, Senior Expert, Patent examiner