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Internship & Capstone Programs

Each year, students from CIP supported graduate programs participate in over 40 internships and 20 Capstone projects during the fall, spring, and summer terms at organizations all over the world, including MNCs, technology start-ups, research institutes, consultancy firms, and NGOs.

Internship Program

The graduate students have backgrounds in engineering, business, and law and participate in master’s programs at Chalmers University of Technology, and University of Gothenburg.

Capstone Program

Capstone projects include both intense 10-week and longer full-year innovation projects where groups of 3-5 graduate students work closely with industry and research organizations. The students place a high value on the relevant real-life experience they gain and ultimately they are better prepared to contribute to the value creation of knowledge-based firms and organizations. In return, the organizations gain valuable input from top students trained in an interdisciplinary, knowledge-based business perspective.

The graduate students have backgrounds in engineering and participate in master’s programs at UC-Berkeley.