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Felicia Torstensson & Alexander Danielsson



Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Hi all,

During the spring of 2023, we (Felicia & Alexander from the left in the picture) had the opportunity to write our master’s thesis in combination with an internship at ASSA ABLOY. Integral to our internship was the creation of an internal deliverable closely aligned with the theme of our master’s thesis, which also ended with a final presentation for the organization. The internship was also made through ASSA ABLOY’s internship program, where several other students from various fields were taking part as well, which provided the opportunity to get insights into other interesting projects being run around the organization in different fields.

Throughout our internship, we delved into the world of intellectual asset management, specifically exploring how it can impact acquisition outcomes when acquiring intangible-intensive firms. By focusing on technology, knowledge, and relational assets, and the interplay between them, our work aimed to uncover how these assets can be managed in an M&A process through an IAM perspective.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to have worked on such a meaningful project, and for the opportunity to speak to and get insights from so many IP and M&A professionals around the organization which have contributed to a very rewarding learning process.

Conclusively, we would like to express our gratitude to our supervisors at ASSA ABLOY, Katarina Wendin & Marta Sadriu for your support, insightful guidance, and mentorship. And a thank you to Karla and Bo at CIP for helping us with this opportunity.

Julia Häll and Jennie Ljunggren



Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Hi y’all,

Now it’s our turn to talk about our amazing CiP internship and master thesis work conducted during the spring of 2022 at ASSA ABLOY, a global leader in access solutions. Our names are Julia Häll and Jennie Ljunggren, the unique combination of a lawyer and an engineer creating a new perspective that we like to call “lawineering”.

Well, how did we spend our 6 months at ASSA ABOY?

The main topic of interest was intellectual asset mapping by developing an intellectual asset framework for ASSA ABLOY, to help capture and structure intellectual assets within the firm. The work has been underpinned by the CiP IAM Framework as well as Michelle Fransson and Marta Sadriu’s thesis project regarding data as an intellectual asset.

The rise of intellectual assets comes on the back of the knowledge economy and the increase in the amount of a company’s market value that can be accredited to intangibles. The ongoing march of digitalization around the world further shifts the focus away from tangible assets and traditional industrial manufacturing companies are adopting more digital technologies. There is a lack of comprehension, a knowledge deficiency, and plenty of ambiguity associated with concepts such as intangibles, intellectual capital, intellectual assets, and intellectual property. This creates misunderstandings and increases communication difficulties. The aim of our work has been to assess which intellectual assets contribute to value creation and how these assets can be divided into categories. Furthermore, in relation to the setting of digital transformation, we aimed to investigate if it might have affected the categorization of intellectual assets. Finally, we aimed to investigate how intellectual assets may contribute to value creation through control mechanisms to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

We have learned an unquantifiable amount about working with IP during this time period, however, the major highlight has been the interaction with knowledgeable business professionals and getting the opportunity to pick their brains.

To wrap this up we would like to give a shout-out to Bowman Heiden, his pragmatic approach to life helped keep us grounded as we went through different cycles of highs and lows. Karla Soler Riba’s efforts to facilitate this internship deserve a special recognition. Finally, we would like to thank all the people at ASSA ABLOY, Michelle Fransson and Marta Sadriu, and Katarina Wendin, the best thesis supervisor out there.

Kind regards,

Julia and Jennie

Sara Friman


Company: Northvolt

Location: Stockholm, Sweden


During this summer I got the pleasure of working at Northvolt at their IP department in Stockholm. As a leader for the future of energy innovation, Northvolts mission is to build the greenest battery in the world. Their revolutionizing recycling processes and recently announced joint venture with Volvo cars are only parts of the exiting things to come. Entering this dynamic sphere made is possible evolve on an individual level and contribute to something bigger than the company itself.

At the summer intern position, I got to apply my knowledge from my education into practice and utilize my multidisciplinary combinations to generate results for both department reviews and presentations on a higher level at the company. With my background as an engineer within biotechnology and master within entrepreneurship and business design – intellectual capital management, I was ready to tackle any challenge thrown my way. My tasks included patent analysis, contracting, and performing an independent IP strategy project. The project spanned across the whole summer period and enabled me to interact across departments of business development, legal and R&D. One thing I really appreciated was the openness to learning and interactions across departments and offices. With a big group of over 110 summer interns, we were welcomed to the company through organized events and got the opportunity to attend lunch and learns weekly and CEO hands-on info sessions with Peter Carlsson. This added to the creation of the inspiring environment of the office. We got to visit the Västerås office at Northvolt Labs and were offered to visit the newly built Northvolt Ett in Skellefteå. My manager and the IP team were fantastic at including me various meetings and tasks that I showed an interest for. Allowing me to steer the path of my very own experience at this internship.

This summer has illustrated to me that Northvolt is a place of highly engaged and innovative people. All desiring to contribute to a better future. As a person I have grown in my capabilities of communication and project management. A big thank you to all the amazing people I meet during this summer! I had a brilliant time and would recommend Northvolt to anyone who is looking for a challenge, not solely to their personal skillset but also in solving the problems of tomorrow.

If you are thinking of applying for the internship or have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me!

Best regards,

Sara Friman

Marek Szczygiel 


Company: Philips

Location: Cambridge, Boston MA, USA

Time period: 6 weeks june to august +2 weeks remote

Hi all!

I would like to share my experience with Philips during this years summer internship. My name is Marek Szczygiel and am a student in the School of Entrepreneurship here at Chalmers.

Philips has been known around the globe for over a century. Starting out in creating and patenting more bright and longer lasting lightbulbs, and then moving into areas such as being one of the first companies to was produce radiology equipment, they slowly pivoted from electronics to medical devices as well as medical solutions for the future. Nowadays, they are one of the leaders in hospital and home medical devices, trying to vertically integrate their products in the hospital setting as well as directly to consumer.

Through CIP, I got to participate in a summer internship dealing with intellectual property in Cambridge, where the ultrasound headquarters of Philips are located. Here I got to work with the company patents as well as looking into the other actors in this space.

The company was both very open in their innovation strategy as well as diverse and inclusive in all aspects. Supervision as well as a tailored approach to what I as an intern was taken into account, which made the process of learning more rewarding.

Other than the project given, I got to both participate in meetings between managers in different departments, present my findings, work with IP and give personal feedback as well as work with other departments such as with the CT department.

Concluding, it was work with mutual benefit, and was asked to give feedback as to how the company can welcome potential CIP students in the future. If you are interested in working with a company working to both change and influence the future of medicine, please take Philips into account. Please reach out for any other information regarding the internship.


Marek Szczygiel

Albin Boman and Filip Lindblom


Company: Electrolux

Location: Stockholm

Hi! This is our experience from the summer.

We, Albin Boman and Filip Lindblom have this summer been enrolled in a summer internship at Electrolux Group Patents. Electrolux is a global organization that works with patents covering seven different product categories. The highly competitive market and rapidly growing emerging markets provide a scene full of IP-related challenges. We were tasked with evaluating and creating two tools for Electrolux that could be used by their patent engineers and attorneys in their day-to-day work.

The first task revolved around patent portfolio evaluation. Combining traditional quantitative patent portfolio data with market insight a relationship between protection and sales can be created. This relationship is called Exposure. Exposure enables companies to focus their patenting efforts where they really matter. Our tool enables Electrolux to view their current patents and sales for all possible market selections. In total, we included around 9 million data points into the evaluation tool.

The second task was focused on evaluating a single patent, and determining its value for a global producing company such as Electrolux. Through workshops and literature reviews we concluded that a patent can be rated based on three core criteria:

  • Detectability of fraudulent use
  • Scope of protection
  • Strategic fit

In this task we found many challenges relating to how a patent is used in this industry, unlike many other IP fields the home appliance market usually patents only to protect their own inventions, the litigation rate is low and patents are rarely used aggressively. We found that the three criteria above could determine whether a patent is good or bad at protecting the invention, and if the invention is of strategic interest to protect.

Working with an agile methodology with one week sprints guided by two heads of product lines Dr. Christian Mohr and Tore Stjernberg with a dedicated scrum master we saw rapid learning and development of the tools. Due to the scrum setup, our tools could develop from early Miro-sketches into published assets in a matter of weeks.

We really enjoyed the Internship at Electrolux, and we have found ourselves intrigued by the challenges that large producing companies face from a patenting perspective. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you want to know more about the Internship.

Best regards,
Filip & Albin

Emma Walldén and Anton Nygren


Company: Spotify

Location: Stockholm HQ / Gothenburg / remote

Time period: 13 weeks, June-September

We are Emma Walldén and Anton Nygren. We’ve been working at Spotify during 13 weeks this summer, as Intellectual Property summer interns in the IP team! Anton and I were challenged with the important task of creating a return on investment (ROI) model for Spotify’s patent portfolio, conducting a benchmark of the portfolio, and evaluate parameters for quality assessment of the portfolio. Having completed the project, the IP team will hopefully benefit from enhanced incorporation of business intelligence tools for strategic decision-making in IP. Our internship project resembles well with both of our academic and professional backgrounds, since we both have completed a Bachelor’s in Business Administration/Finance at The school of Business, Economics and Law, and are currently doing our Master’s at Chalmers where we’ve studied courses in intellectual property. We are deeply grateful and humble about the learning outcomes, experiences, network opportunities and challenges this summer at Spotify has brought to us.
We got welcomed with open arms by the IP team and the entire company. During our internship, we experienced Q&A sessions with several top level managers, artists having concerts at the office, and enjoyed the summer festival that Spotify arranged in Stockholm for its employees where artists such as Kid Laroi and Jireel performed. We’ve had an unforgettable experience this summer and absorbed knowledge and learnings from several parts of the business. Our playlists at Spotify are even more enhanced and filled with new tracks after being inspired by our band mates, and having explored all the new cool features. We’re grateful to have been a part of the CIP internship program, and would recommend exploring their unique opportunities for anyone interested!
We’ll see you soon, Spotify!

Adeline Fredriksson and Sofia Dos Santos Johnson


Company: KTO

Location: Malta

KTO’s mission is to assist the University of Malta with commercial exploitation of research results and ultimately support technologies to reach the market. The activities at KTO include for example assessment of technologies, intellectual property definition and strategies, business development, and support with investment networks.

We have mainly been working with technology transfer in various stages. My primary project has been relatively far along in the commercialization process. My main focus has been to define the value proposition of the technology and create a strategy of how to bring the technology to market. I have also worked with branding of the technology, by creating a graphic profile, a new logo, pitch decks for various target audiences, and a new website. This material will be used to promote the technology to industry and other commercial stakeholders. From a market perspective, the goal has been to find a niche market where the technology is a “must have”-solution rather than a “nice-to-have”-solution and establish how that particular market operates and what strategic conclusions can be drawn from that.

Sofia’s primary project has been in the earlier stages in the commercialization process. Her main tasks have been IP-analysis, market analysis and intellectual asset mapping with the goal to establish a business case for the technology. This has included making strategic considerations regarding what assets to focus on, how to package the assets into a value offering and concluding what application area is most promising. It has required a deep understanding of both internal and external analysis. It’s been very challenging but also developing and fun. It’s been great to see that what we’ve learned the past year actually is valuable and can be applied to real technologies and businesses. The knowledge from the PIE- and KBBDM-courses had been extremely useful. One thing that we discussed is how grateful we are for learning what questions we need to ask to whom in order to get the information we require.

Apart from that, the entire internship experience has exceeded all our expectations. Andras and the team are great people who immediately made us feel comfortable and welcome. We’ve also had quite a lot of free time to explore the island, which has been great. The accommodation is very nice, newly built with a pool and very close to the university. We can highly recommend this internship to anyone who wants to have an interesting and developing summer internship, but also great work life balance and an enjoyable summer by the Mediterranean.

If you have any questions about the internship, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

All the best!

Adeline & Sofia

Alexander Danielsson, Anton Stjernholm Börjesson and Andrej Krsteski


Company: Volvo Group

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Hi everyone! We are (from left to right) Alexander Danielsson, Anton Stjernholm Börjesson, and Andrej Krsteski – three students at the Entrepreneurship and Business Design master’s at Chalmers University of Technology. During the summer, we worked at Volvo Group Intellectual Property’s Strategy & Portfolio department, with a project that brought more responsibilities and provided a far larger impact than we had anticipated. We want to share a couple of words about our experience and the learnings we had from it.

Volvo Group is a producer of trucks, marine engines, buses, and construction equipment, employing almost 100,000 people across 190 markets.

Our task was to perform a patent portfolio analysis, by mapping all newly developed technologies which are to enter one of Volvo Truck’s electric trucks. By the end of it, we were expected to provide thorough documentation of our findings, along with multiple presentations held for employees of interest. Although being handed a large task, we were left with large autonomy in our work, and were thus able treating this as our own-lead project! This allowed us to find our own way throughout the weeks, be creative, and put our own touch on the task at hand. Working on projects during the first year of our master’s studies definitely helped us perform our work during the summer, and the time at Volvo Group IP provided further learnings in leading and executing an IP related project within a large corporation.

Reflecting on our contributions, we are very pleased with what we accomplished. Our division was impressed with what we had produced, and the material will be received and evaluated by highly seated executives within the company. We are delighted to have enrolled in Entrepreneurship and Business Design, as it allowed us to acquire fundamental knowledge about IP and entrepreneurship, which proved to be helpful during our internship. Furthermore, being given the opportunity to produce something that is of major importance to Volvo Group as an intern is something we are very thankful to CIP for.


David Olsson and Jesper Hagberg


Company: Sisvel S.L 

Location: Torre Glories, Barcelona 

Time period: Nine weeks from June to August 

Hola! We are David Olsson and Jesper Hagberg. We have spent the summer doing an internship for Sisvel in Barcelona and thought we might share our experience with you. 

Sisvel was founded during the early 80s and is a company specializing in the management of patent pools within the field of standard essential patents. What this means is that Sisvel has many years of experience ensuring that inventors and patent owners within areas such as 5G and Wi-Fi receive royalty payments for their IP. For us, this meant working with and learning from some of the brightest mind within a complex and exciting business area. 

Over the course of the summer, we have gotten to work with a variety of tasks. Perhaps primarily, we carried research used for the preparation of potential legal actions. With both of us coming from an engineering background, this gave us great (and perhaps well-needed) experience in working with technology from a legal perspective. In addition, we were tasked with analysing the 5G patent landscape to see what companies are in the forefront of the development of the standard. 

Having worked here, we understand the importance of regulating the market of standardized technologies. By regulating, it creates an incentive for inventors to create technologies that can be shared and used by everyone. Technologies such as 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi are examples of this. From a licensing agreement the royalty payments will trickle down to the inventors and make their efforts worth. This is all made possible by an administrator such as Sisvel. Organizing these patent pools that were mentioned earlier, will help to create a greater leverage when it comes to negotiating with the potential licensees. Without actors such as Sisvel, there would be significant less contribution within these fields because it would just not be worth the effort! 

A big thank you to CIP and Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship for both the internship and for the educational background needed to do the job. We feel truly privileged to have been given the opportunity to not only work in one of the nicest cities in the world, but at a company at the forefront of a business field so closely related to our studies. 

Stijn van Weegberg and Emanuel Slettengren


Company: Tivic Health

Location: Hayward, California

Time Period: 9 weeks from July to August

Hi everyone!

We’re Stijn van Weegberg and Emanuel Slettengren. We’d like to share about our summer internship experience at Tivic Health Systems, Inc, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tivic Health is a bioelectronic medicine company, focused on non-invasively alleviating congestion and sinus pain by using electric microcurrents. It was founded in 2016, has around 15 employees, and has its first commercial product on the US market now: the ClearUp – a device for sinus pain and congestion. It went public at the end of 2021 – making it an exciting growth company to work at.

Our summer was focused on mapping the Intellectual Property landscape in two different areas of technology that Tivic Health are considering moving into in the future. We analyzed the IP in these areas to find opportunities where there is potential for Tivic to attain exclusivity, and gave recommendations to the company. With individual backgrounds in both technical medicine and law, we were able to help each other out when needed. In addition, having worked with Intellectual Property through multiple cases during our studies greatly prepared us for our internship. Beyond working directly on the project, we also had time to interact with all the different people at Tivic, including its management, learning about their various roles and how they have contributed to Tivic’s success.

Additionally, spending time in the San Francisco Bay Area was simply amazing – it allowed us to immerse in the culture, the food, its people, and all the wonderful touristic activities it has to offer: from the Golden Gate Bridge to Yosemite National Park, and from Alcatraz to Chinatown.

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us!

Stijn van Weegberg and Emanuel Slettengren