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Isak Unfors

Isak Unfors

Summer 2016

Company: Aistemos
Location: London, UK
Time period: 11 weeks during June, July and August 2016

Explanation of the work:
With the main thing being to assist the strategy team at Aistemos I have been involved in various tasks, e.g.

  • Preparation material/analysis ahead of customer meetings
  • Creating marketing material like webinars and ‘case studies’
  • Writing blog posts

Moreover I’ve been at several conferences demonstrating the tool and talking to people and joined for customer meetings. In general I’d say that I’ve been very well received and integrated to the team. This has meant that I’ve been part of the many everyday tasks and discussions.

At Aistemos it was all about making decisions with the support of relevant data (presented in an understandable way). Rather than searching for the story in data, I have developed skills in looking at data to find a story. In the business world you would always need to search for the story/strategy or update your story/strategy.

How did your education thus far prepare you for the tasks you have done?
At the very core I have had great use of my understanding of IP – both at a granular and a higher level. In a company like Aistemos providing an IP/patent analytics tool, this has helped me to more quickly contribute to discussions through better understanding of the context. I believe that the education has fairly high requirements on bulletproof arguments when presenting. This mindset has encouraged me to learn what I don’t know, but need to know, to be able to take a part in and contribute to discussions.