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Jens Bördin

Jens Bördin is co-founder, partner and CEO of Konsert Strategy & IP AB – a boutique consulting firm advising technology-intensive companies to improve their management of technology, innovation and intellectual property for increased competitiveness, profitability and growth.

Mr Bördin specialises in strategy development and performance improvement with regard to business-driven IP management, technology portfolio and investment management, and leverage and exploitation of key intellectual assets. He has experience including leading C-level strategy projects, multi-year implementation projects and large-scale multilateral projects at and between leading multinational corporations and public research entities.

Mr Bördin is supported by a team spanning technology, business and law, which draws on broad experience, an international network of top expertise and more than 20 years of interdisciplinary research. In addition to his industry engagements, he is a strategic adviser to several public research entities regarding innovation, intellectual property and industry collaboration. In addition he has co-developed proprietary software tools for analysis, management and visualisation of intellectual assets and property.