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Jesper Lesseur Björnek & Erik Malmberg

Jesper Lesseur Björnek & Erik Malmberg


Company: Spotify
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Time period: January – June

Hi all,

Jesper Lesseur Björnek and Erik Malmberg speaking. During the spring of 2022 we had the great pleasure to take part in the CIP Internship Program, which allowed us to combine our master’s thesis work with an internship at Spotify – the world’s largest audio streaming platform. It was a challenging, yet stimulating, time and a fantastic way to crown our journey after two years on the ICM-track.

Over the last decades, the world economy has experienced a shift where intangible assets have increased rapidly at the expense of their tangible equivalents. Brands are proposed as one of the most valuable intangibles a company can have to its disposal, very much noticeable in the tech-sector. Developing a clear understanding and overview of one’s brand assets is thereby a crucial task in order to exploit the full potential of the brand. Hence, our work aimed to sort out how a brand can be understood and claimed as a set of intellectual assets to enable additional value creation – applying the tools and frameworks related to Intellectual Asset Management, present in the ICM-track.

Among numerous examples to choose from, the major highlight of the project was undoubtley the chance to get to know one of the world’s most inspiring companies from the inside and out. While being rather familiar with the product itself, already using it several hours a day, we were stunned when getting a glimpse of the huge machinery operating behind it. The level and diversity of expertise amongst the people we met was just incredible and very inspiring to experience for two graduates ready to start their own carreers.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude towards our amazing supervisors Ellenor Hayes and Per Wendin for their support and guidance throughout this stimulating, and sometimes bumpy, journey. If you ever hesitate whether to apply for a CIP internship or not, just do it – you will not be disappointed.

Kind regards,

Jesper and Erik