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Linn Bäckegren

Linn Bäckegren

Summer 2017

Company: Albumedix
Location: Nottingham,England
Time period: 12 weeks, during June-August 2017

Explanation of the work:
The work was divided into two parts; one part was to learn the software PatSnap itself and the other part was to investigate what kind of analyses and conclusions that could be drawn from a patent landscape or other patent information. This included building search strings, looking for white-spaces in a landscape, identifying and analyzing competitors/possible collaborators/customers, predict movement of the technology area, among other things.

How did your education thus far prepare you for the tasks you have done?
By understanding the different parts of a patent and what is described in which part I could roughly understand what kind of answers I could get from the analyses and also be able to tell what kind of questions would need additional data before they could be answered. How to present your findings and to have the patience to wait for answers on e-mails.

An overall skill that I have acquired would be to question more. Why does this (graph, for example) look the way it looks, how could this analysis be improved etc. But also, to understand what different people in the company want. When a business developer says that he wants to see the “status of IP” regarding a new project it is rarely the same as if a senior researcher asks for relevant IP for the same project, so the important thing is to understand what they REALLY want. They rarely want just a pretty picture over a landscape, they want to know about the active actors in the field, similar technologies, patenting activity etc.