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Malin Stenbom

Malin Stenbom


Company: Elypta
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Time period: 10 weeks during June through August

My name is Malin Stenbom. I got to spend my summer at Elypta, working with earlier cancer detection, as a Business Development intern. My background is within Biotechnology and the ICM track has really given me the opportunity to stay in the field but look at it from a different perspective. Throughout these years we’ve been part of several projects, some simulated working with biotech for agriculture and some real looking at how to bring MedTech research to market.

All these projects have now prepared me for my thesis at BioVentureHub where one needs to understand what is required to bring innovation in the life science field to market. I’m currently writing my Master’s thesis during my final semester at the Intellectual Capital Management (ICM) track at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. Together with my thesis partner I’m studying AstraZeneca’s BioVentureHub and writing about how you can develop Key Performance Indicators in an innovation initiative between Big Pharma and SMEs.

I’m looking forward to following the rest of my classmates and how all of our theses will develop during the spring, but the truly interesting thing will be to see what all of us are up to next year.