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Marek Szczygiel 

Marek Szczygiel 


Company: Philips

Location: Cambridge, Boston MA, USA

Time period: 6 weeks june to august +2 weeks remote

Hi all!

I would like to share my experience with Philips during this years summer internship. My name is Marek Szczygiel and am a student in the School of Entrepreneurship here at Chalmers.

Philips has been known around the globe for over a century. Starting out in creating and patenting more bright and longer lasting lightbulbs, and then moving into areas such as being one of the first companies to was produce radiology equipment, they slowly pivoted from electronics to medical devices as well as medical solutions for the future. Nowadays, they are one of the leaders in hospital and home medical devices, trying to vertically integrate their products in the hospital setting as well as directly to consumer.

Through CIP, I got to participate in a summer internship dealing with intellectual property in Cambridge, where the ultrasound headquarters of Philips are located. Here I got to work with the company patents as well as looking into the other actors in this space.

The company was both very open in their innovation strategy as well as diverse and inclusive in all aspects. Supervision as well as a tailored approach to what I as an intern was taken into account, which made the process of learning more rewarding.

Other than the project given, I got to both participate in meetings between managers in different departments, present my findings, work with IP and give personal feedback as well as work with other departments such as with the CT department.

Concluding, it was work with mutual benefit, and was asked to give feedback as to how the company can welcome potential CIP students in the future. If you are interested in working with a company working to both change and influence the future of medicine, please take Philips into account. Please reach out for any other information regarding the internship.


Marek Szczygiel