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Maria Dahlqvist

Maria Dahlqvist

Summer 2016

Company: Rouse
Location: Beijing, China
Time period: Two and a half Months, between 06/06- 08/24 2016

Explanation of the work:
First of all, my internship at Rouse in Beijing office taught me about working in a consultancy law firm where the core business is all about IP strategy, from start to enforcement in the context of China IP environment and management. My placement was in the Technology Analysis Services team and I was to be engaged on technology research projects and assisting with the development of IP strategy tools, as well as others projects. My internship was centered on two big projects and additionally work more connected to the everyday assignments at the office. My projects consisted of creating a framework chart applying client usage, external and internal management and a foreign SME guide of entry strategies. I learned how to apply IP strategies to business opportunities and strategy-thinking, as well as how to communicate helpful models, theories and concepts that can be utilized to develop a consultancy framework.

The IP context in China is really interesting and the high IP awareness creates a dynamic environment of IP. Being at a IP consultancy firm who delivers its core business of IP strategies, I really received practical insights in the field, especially from the perspective of foreign (non-Chinese) clients. I worked partly on my own and presented my findings in two one-hour Power Point presentations and in additional discussions. Other times I was assigned to find economic, technology IP and other business related data.

How did your education thus far prepare you for the tasks you have done?
I would say that the ICM education prepared me very well – the whole purpose of the internship was to bring more ICM thinking to the office. Especially using different frameworks, like Alex Osterwalders Business Model canvas, the resource based theory of competitive advantage, Kapferer’s identity prism and TEVA analysis, which I presented to eight senior executives, and engineers and paralegals. I would like to encourage future students to keep track of all valuable models – for future purpose.

I enjoyed gaining experience from the many practical and relevant cases I worked with at Rouse. I am especially happy to have gained experience of IP and business in China. I learned a lot about the IP context in China, as well as business models and how industry opportunities impact the strategic intent of companies.