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Master Thesis Project @Tructric

Master Thesis Project @Tructric

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The thesis project relates to the development of a system for assisted precision maneuvering and comprises two main work packages:

1. Building a limited full-size Minimum Viable Product, to demonstrate Tructric’s concept for Assisted RoRo transshipments (January-March).

2) Gather technology information and learnings from the MVP activities and – based thereupon – outline requirements for the continued development of the assistance system.

The project involves the development of precision maneuvering software, a suitable sensor setup, suitable connectivity, and a user interface for driver assistance. The thesis worker/workers will have a key role for driving the project activities and will collaborate with a team with representatives from Tructric, Chalmers University of Technology (Vehicle Dynamics & Revere), UC Berkeley, and external technology experts.

We are looking for 1-2 thesis workers with relevant backgrounds and interest in programming, vehicle dynamics and control.

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