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Niklas Ohlsson

Niklas Ohlsson

Summer 2017

Company: SAAB Avionics Systems
Location: Jönköping, Sweden
Time period: June and August 2017

Explanation of the work:
Have worked with a lot of various tasks, all from patent searching to business intelligence. Started the internship by getting to know the products that the company offers. After that we was handed a case to perform patentability analysis of three related innovations from a senior engineer. During the last weeks we together with this focused on two various licensing cases and a valuation of various IP tools.

How did your education thus far prepare you for the tasks you have done?
The education was very relevant in order to perform a good and valuable patentability assessment. Knowing how to use relevant keywords, how the classification system worked. Have been really interesting to work within an organization that is working on their IP-development. We have had the chance to be in the middle of an IP-transformation and how Saab wants to work with IP in the future.


“Our interns Simon and Niklas did a sterling job at Saab, Avionics Systems, in the summer of 2017. Their core assignment was to assess patentability and utilisation strategies for a number of inventions. The main value for our organisation was the fresh new influences from such enthusiastic and knowledgeable students. It indicates a high level quality of their education at CIP”

-Philip Ideström, Commercial Manager at Saab, Avionics Systems