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Rajvardhan Desai

Rajvardhan Desai


Company: Truecaller AB
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Time period: 8 weeks, June -July

Hello! My name is Rajvardhan Desai. I will share my experience of working with Truecaller- a unicorn software technology startup based in Stockholm, Sweden. It has product offerings primarily in the form of smartphone apps and, in essence, is a modern phone directory that helps weed out scam callers in real-time. A company that is growing and heading towards an IPO in the near future. I, along with a colleague from my class – Erik Malmberg, was assigned a project to map out the existing intellectual assets and design a framework for capturing Intellectual property in the early stages of development.

We started out the project by getting an overall understanding of the product followed by learning the “tech lingo” used in a software company because we had to get information by speaking to the employees. Taking a top-down approach from the CTO to the engineers, in total, we had meetings with 40+ employees to understand the development process and ultimately getting a deeper understanding of complex tech that works behind the scenes. In parallel, we were getting to know the operational practicalities and legalities that are involved by having meetings with the leadership and legal teams. 

The project at the first glance looked overwhelming, mostly because we were not very familiar with software technology. But, we were still at ease since we had training on the general process to work with such a project during the KBBDM course at Chalmers which was led by Prof. Bowman Heiden. The education was in the form of a simulation and this helped us to believe in what we were doing at the internship. The end result was achieving good results and the leadership of the company appreciating the work we had done. 

The internship has been a superb learning experience professionally. That being said, having fun wasn’t left out! The internship brought me to the beautiful city of Stockholm for the first time since I came to Sweden from India a year ago. I can now safely say that I know the city well enough to make a non-touristy itinerary!  The company and its people made us interns feel so welcomed by inviting us to the annual summer party. The 8 weeks introduced me to awesome people, people that I wouldn’t normally get a chance to speak to. 

How often would you get a chance to speak to the founders of a unicorn startup over a beer!?

If you wish to get in touch with me, to get to know more about the internship or the education, shoot me an email at: