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Rana Essa

Rana Essa


 Knowledge Transfer Office at the University of Malta

Location: Msida, Malta (Digital participation from Sweden)

Time period: 5 Weeks from late June to late July


My name is Rana Essa. I would like to share my experience with you as a digital intern at the Corporate Research and Knowledge Transfer Office at the University of Malta (KTO). KTO has a great role in assisting researchers at the University of Malta. It does so by providing the guidance and support needed to reach commercialization and prepare researches to be launched in the market. One of the projects they had was a Stem Cell Spin-out company. Along with a brilliant supervisor from KTO, Marie Mifsud, I gladly assisted in developing the business.

Due to the unfortunate pandemic event, it was decided that it is better to perform the work remotely from Sweden. In coordination with the office, we were able to set a plan to reach a valuable derivable in the specified internship period. It is very important to understand the technology before digging down into business strategies and assessments. Hence, the first phase was dedicated to understanding the technology and protocols; which went great due to my background in biotechnology and life science. The second phase was focused on analyzing other competitors in the field and determine what competitive advantage that the spin-out has. From that point, I was able to map out different assets and suggest business models and strategies the company could potentially follow. Finally, having a combined mindset of innovational thinking along with technical skills might produce complex work. Therefore, it was important in the final phase to wrap up the work produced in a simple yet valuable outcome to be understandable by different audiences.

I was able to divide the work produced into phases and apply different methods thanks to participating in different CIP courses, specially Knowledge-based business development and management (KBBDM), which was a great learning method that combined different courses in a way and connected academic education with the real-life work environment.

Little wonder that conducting an internship from distance is hard. Nevertheless, having such circumstances was indeed a great challenge. As a young entrepreneur, it is an interesting condition that allowed me personally to explore new possibilities of adaptability and flexibility; which ended up with satisfying outcomes and experience.

If you are a potential intern or a curious entrepreneur and you are interested to know further about my experience, feel free to contact me!