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Sanna Lundin

Sanna Lundin


Company: Saab Avionics
Location: Huskvarna, Sweden
Time period: 10 weeks during June through August

My name is Sanna Lundin and I am currently in the second year of the ICM track at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship.

During the summer of 2019, I did a 10-week internship at Saab Avionics in Huskvarna. Most Swedes hear Saab and think of cars, Saab Avionics, however, make technology that goes into aircrafts! 🛩 In my role, I was a member of the Strategy team and was mainly working with the evaluation of collaboration and IP licensing opportunities. The role involved driving projects independently as well as in collaboration with peers and gave hands-on experience with strategic IP work which is unheard of for 1st-year master students outside of our education! The position was part of the internship program that teachers and alumni from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship create for 1st-year students.

As students at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, we are very lucky to be part of a network of dedicated teachers, students, and the Elumni network. Elumni is what alumni from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship are called. Throughout all courses, Elumni has been engaging through guest lectures, cases, and other engagements.

PS. In the pictures you see me posing in the Saab elevator and some cows that are just a short walk from the SAAB offices! Truly a mix of worlds when taking a break from work to go out in the sunshine to look at cows and pet dogs!

Thanks for reading!