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Tatiane Abreu Dall’Agnol

Tatiane Abreu Dall’Agnol


Company: Pieris Pharmaceuticals
Location: Munich, Germany
Time Period: January to June

Hi! I am Tatiane Dall´Agnol and during the first semester of 2021, I was an intern at Pieris Pharmaceuticals. The company is based in Munich, Germany, focused on drug development for oncology and the respiratory system. My internship was in the Business Development and Competitive Intelligence department. During this period, I learned how to perform drug indication analysis, evaluate competitors’ updates, and helped to raise strategic recommendations based on our work. To be part of a company that has consistent growth by developing life-changing therapies was the best form to start my new career path.

Because of the pandemic period, everyone in the company office was working remotely, and so was I. However, I had excellent communication with the team, felt very welcome, and learned a lot from them. Even with all the restrictions that recent times demand, they organized a 10-day trip to Munich so that I could meet the team in person and visit the office. I was able to better understand the structure and processes of a pharmaceutical company and the experience helped me to get a great job after the master’s degree.

I highly recommend Pieris for an internship and I encourage you all to apply. It’s an amazing place where you can have professional development and an amazing time.