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Patent Attorney (Trainer) @ The Patent Pipeline Program

Patent attorney (Trainer) @ The Patent Pipeline Program

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The National Council on Patent Practicum, Inc. (NCPP) oversees the Certified Patent Practitioner (CPP) program, which credentials individuals who have demonstrated experience, proficiency, knowledge, and understanding of patent drafting and prosecution.

For this paid training position, the NCPP is seeking experienced patent attorneys having a minimum of five years experience in patent drafting and prosecution to train our Patent Pipeline Program (PPP) participants comprising engineers and scientists who aspire to work as technical specialists, patent agents, or patent attorneys. The training will prepare them to take the CPP exam, which is designed to measure an individual’s ability to successfully prepare and prosecute patents in front of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The Trainer will also be responsible for grading CPP exams and PPP exams.

The experienced patent attorney must have a Patent Registration Number and preferably would have a technical background and experience in prosecuting patents in any of the Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and/or Computer Science fields.  The preferred candidates would also have experience with training/mentoring and will be available for remote training during some weekday evenings and over some Saturday afternoons.

The Patent Pipeline Program (PPP), launched by Meta in partnership with the National Council on Patent Practicum (“NCPP”) is a limited-term program which seeks to increase the number of women and minorities within the patent profession, while continuing to foster relationships with partner firms that have prioritized diversity efforts.

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