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Agile Development of a Global IP Department by C. Mohr and T. Stjernberg

Agile Development of a Global IP Department

Tore and Christian share and discuss insights from their exciting journey of how the global IP department of Electrolux went agile during the COVID summer of ’21.
It was a journey of ups and downs, moments of joy and despair, which they share together.
And it started with a lot of learnings and continued with a lot of failure and happy little accidents – both being part of the concept.

Allowing, – No, embracing (!) failure as a concept was vital for their agile initiatives to continuously improve the mindset, the organization itself, the creation of IP awareness, and the development of their patent strategy.
They share insights into agile project management, and how they apply it, but more importantly, they discuss controversially the ups and downs during this exciting journey that is ongoing and transforms the mindset of their global patent department.


  • Christian Mohr, Electrolux
  • Tore Stjernberg, Electrolux